School Celebration Guidelines

SMSD Classroom Celebration Guidelines for food being brought to the classroom and shared with students

  • Please remember all foods brought to school for sharing purposes must be in labeled packaging by the manufacturer. (Exception of whole fruits/vegetables).
  • All labeled food items must be checked by the classroom teacher and school nurse.
  • No homemade food items should be provided to/shared in the classroom. Individuals may bring and consume homemade items, however they must not share.
  • Teachers/staff members are responsible to follow all safety measures when providing food in the classroom, fieldtrips, parties, etc.
  • Three elementary parties per year may be celebrated with food, following the above guidelines.
  • No carbonated sodas or energy drinks will be provided to students.
  • All foods/beverages sold to students must meet Smart Snacks in Schools Guidelines.
  • Students are allowed and encouraged to have water bottles in the classroom.
  • No food or beverages will be provided/sold in competition with food service during the meal serving times.
  • Food may not ordered for delivery during the school day for student consumption.